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May I Sell or Give Away My Previous Version of BibleWorks?
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When a new version of BibleWorks is released, those that have licenses for previous versions are often offered discounts to upgrade to the new version. After such an upgrade, the question arises as to what to do with the copy of previous version. Generally, it should be destroyed and discarded. Occasionally, however, the question is posed whether it may be given away to another person, since it appears perfectly useful.

The rule on giving away upgraded copies is that one can do so only if the user buys out the upgrade so that the full price, and thus full royalties, have been paid on both copies. This upgrade buyout is a requirement from our text licensors. For a similar reason, they wouldn't allow a person to buy a print copy of one of their books and photocopy it to give to someone else.

For one to buy out an upgrade, BibleWorks must collect the difference in price between the full price of the upgraded version and the price previously paid for the upgrade. If one, for example, paid $189 to upgrade from version 9 to version 10, the additional payment required to be able to sell or give away the copy of version 9 would be $200 ($389 (non-upgrade 10 price) - $189 (upgrade price) = $200). Whatever module activation codes that came free with the upgrade must be given up to the recipient. For other versions, the figures will differ according to the original full price of the software and the price paid to upgrade to it from an earlier version. But in all cases this payment creates two copies of the software for which full price has been paid and thus allows one to give away the copy of the previous version.

To purchase such an upgrade buyout, or for additional information, please contact BibleWorks
Customer Support.

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