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Why Don't the Arabic, Chinese and/or Korean Bibles Show In My List?
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The inclusion of Arabic, Chinese and Korean Bible versions (among others) was added to BibleWorks BibleWorks 7 after its initial release. These versions are available via the update process.

For these versions to show and work correctly in BibleWorks, a number of extra measures are needed. For one, language and keyboard support must be present in Windows. In Windows versions since Vista, the support is already installed, but the keyboard support must be set up for the desired language(s). In Windows XP it may be necessary to install the files for this support. For additional information about this support see the following FAQ

How Do I Add Language Support for Arabic/Chinese/or Korean Bibles under Windows XP?

Even after installing and configuring the appropriate language and keyboard support, and then downloading the files for the Bible version(s), it is still possible that the additions will not be seen in the list of Search or Display versions. This is because one more measure must be taken.

In addition to the files themselves, and the Windows support, for the Bible versions to display in BibleWorks it is necessary to have a version of the BibleWorks executable that supports these Bible versions. In other words, if one has recently installed or reinstalled BibleWorks, the version of the executable in place may well be 7.0.012g. If this is the case, then perform a check for updates and find the latest BibleWorks executable available. (It will be in bold type in the list of available updates.) Select and apply the update. When BibleWorks has restarted, the Bible versions in question should display where expected.

Please note that the KOR, Korean version does not work in BibleWorks 7 when installed under Windows 10. BibleWorks, as a service to its customers, always seeks to include the most reliable versions available of its texts.  A Korean version with the abbreviation KOR was originally distributed for BibleWorks 7, but Korean customers told us it was virtually similar but inferior in quality to the Korean Revised Version (KRV), which BibleWorks chose to include in its place as a result.  The legacy KOR version cannot be compiled under Windows 10, and there are no plans to modify it for Windows 10 compatibility.

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