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Can I Get a Discount on an Upgrade from BibleWorks 7 or Older Versions?
Author: KB Admin Reference Number: AA-02814 Views: 7445 Created: 2012-08-05 19:00 Last Updated: 2017-02-10 16:40 0 Rating/ 1 Voters
BibleWorks cannot offer a discounted upgrade price for an upgrade from BibleWorks 7 or from other previous versions. These versions can be upgraded (with the upgrade including a bit of material no longer able to be included in BibleWorks 10), but the process of upgrading these versions consists of replacing that version with a newer and more powerful version of the BibleWorks software. Hence the license fee that must be charged for this upgrade is the full price of the current version.

BibleWorks 10 contains a very large amount of new textual material in addition to what we offered in BibleWorks 7. Virtually all this new material is copyrighted, and royalties on it, not yet paid by BibleWorks 7 customers, are due to its publishers. In addition, many staff-years of intense programming work have gone into each new version of BibleWorks, and these laborers are also worthy of their hire.

Because the content differences between BibleWorks 10 and BibleWorks 8 are less, we can allow users upgrading BibleWorks from version 8 to pay an upgrade fee lower than the full-version fee. But the differences between versions prior to version 8 and the current version are sufficiently great that the current version is essentially a completely different product. The interface and philosophy of operation remain similar, but underneath almost everything has been changed.

We fulfill all full version orders and upgrade orders with the same software discs and the content of the base package is the same for a full version or upgrade. An upgrade installation is in no way dependent on one’s previous version being installed for the content your receive or installation process. The first step in installing the new version of BibleWorks is the uninstallation of a previous version of BibleWorks if it is installed on one’s computer.

BibleWorks 7 ceased to be our current product in 2009, eight years ago. It must be recognized that virtually no software companies can or do offer discounted upgrades on software of that age, simply because of the vast amount of changes required in our fast-paced day to keep software current. We assure our customers, however, that we do everything we can to make the current version of BibleWorks worth every penny of its cost, keeping its price as low as we possibly can. Our customers tell us they think we're achieving this goal.

While BibleWorks 7 is still a very useful product, we also encourage BibleWorks 7 customers to try the current version. If in the first 30 days they don't think the upgrade was well worth its cost, and if the upgrade was obtained directly from BibleWorks, we'll be happy to refund the purchase fee with no questions asked.

Last update: MC/February 10, 2017