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What is BibleWorks, and How Does It Compare with Other Bible Software?
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Bible software programs range from low-cost programs with limited capabilities (such as simple verse and word lookups) to powerful high-end programs. BibleWorks is a high-end program that performs complex functions and tasks, but it is unique among such programs in emphasizing an integrated set of tools enabling one to study the original languages in depth, rather than in providing libraries of commentary on the original texts. BibleWorks's motto is "Focus on the Text."

No program has a better set of such tools; and, because BibleWorks is tuned specifically to study the original language text, it is by far the fastest, saving its customers great amounts of time. BibleWorks searches can be extensively customized and performed on words both in text and in morphological forms, and the results of searches can be saved for subsequent searches. The BibleWorks Graphical Search Engine provides search function that can span multiple Bible versions or even language texts. Reference works provided in BibleWorks, such as lexicons, grammars, and dictionaries, are provided to aid the Greek or Hebrew student in exegetical study.

In addition, because BibleWorks is produced at cost as a ministry, comparison will show it is the most cost-effective high-end Bible software product.

An introduction describing BibleWorks further is provided here. Detailed reviews of BibleWorks, as well as comparisons to other Bible programs available through search engines, are also online.

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