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What is the difference between the CD and DVD versions of the program?
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BibleWorks is installed from optical media, either CD or DVD. BibleWorks 7 required multiple CDs to contain its data, and this requirement continued with BibleWorks 8.  Effective with BibleWorks 9, only DVD media are available.  BibleWorks 10 is distributed by download or on a USB flash drive.

The BibleWorks 7 or 8 DVD does not contain any more or less data than its CD counterpart. It is both more convenient, as disk swapping is no longer necessary, and also somewhat surer, as DVD drives read DVDs with fewer errors than they read CDs.

A CD drive cannot read DVD disks, so if one's computer is equipped with a CD drive, CD media must be ordered. It is because many computers still had only the CD drive that BibleWorks continued, through BibleWorks 8, to make installation media available in both formats.

Last updated: RG/June 10, 2015