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How Do I Search The BibleWorks Knowledgebase?
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On September 7, 2010, BibleWorks unveiled a new technical support knowledge base.  Here are some pointers for using it.

Browse By Category

Technical articles can be browsed by category, as before.  There are two ways of scanning categories.  In the “Browse by Category” field, one can view all of the categories and sub-categories in one place.  By simply clicking on an entry in the list, then pressing the “Go” button, one will move to a view of the contents of that category or sub-category.  Another way of accessing the same lists is to click a link under “View Articles by Category” and then choosing a sub-category from those displayed.  Reverting a step, or even to the home page, can be accomplished by clicking on one of the steps in the black stripe, located just under the BibleWorks banner.


Searching can be performed by simply entering key words into the Search the Knowledgebase field and clicking the Search button, or by clicking Advanced Search which will enable one to search for words within categories.

If searching for a phrase rather than for individual words, type the phrase for which you wish to search without using quote marks. 
Using the Search Field Quick Fill List

When search criteria are entered into the field, the system will find articles using the criteria entered to that point.  From this point, one may continue entering other words, or click on one of the suggestions offered in the list.  That will not go to an article directly, but will list results best fitting the criteria entered.  The Quick Fill feature serves to save typing strokes.

Viewing Search Results

When a successful search has been performed, a list of results will display.  Clicking any one of the entries in the list will open that article.  If one wishes to return to the list of results, though, there are a few steps needed to do so.  (We are currently working on better ways to accomplish this.)  To return to a search results list from an individual article, take the following steps.

1. Hit the BACK button in your Internet browser.
2. Perform a REFRESH command.  (This may be a button on the screen, or a command from the drop down VIEW menu.)
3. When the message appears stating that the web browser needs to resend information, click the button labeled Retry.
4. There may be a slight delay while the information is passed, but the same list of results should then display.
5. Choose a different article from the list.
6. Repeat these steps to return to the results list again, if desired.

Last Updated: ELM/Oct 21, 2010