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Is There A Mac Version of BibleWorks?
Author: KB Admin Reference Number: AA-02705 Views: 17224 Created: 2012-08-05 19:00 Last Updated: 2018-07-09 12:46 0 Rating/ Voters
For some years, our advice to Mac users was to consider implementing on their machines a Windows virtual machine (VM).  Especially as the quality of VMs has increased and their cost has come down, this solution (described here) has been found by many Mac users both cost-effective and quite capable.

Since October 2013, we have been able to offer the BibleWorks Mac Installer, a native, non-VM version of BibleWorks that allows BibleWorks 9 and 10 to be run on a Mac (see the Mac system requirements here) without a Windows license or VM software.  The BibleWorks Mac Installer is an even more cost-effective way of running BibleWorks on Mac computers, making a total BibleWorks solution available to Mac users at the same low price of BibleWorks for Windows.  The BibleWorks Mac Installer requires for BibleWorks 9 revision 3 or 4 DVDs (available here) and a careful following of the installation instructions here.  The BibleWorks Mac Installer for BibleWorks 10 can be installed by following the instructions here.

Because of the availability and good reception of the BibleWorks Mac Installer, BibleWorks continues not to anticipate fielding a totally separate BibleWorks Mac version. 
A significant advantage of having a single BibleWorks code set operating on both platforms is the single user interface that allows, for example, teachers to
give the same instructions to both PC and Mac students, both via notes and classroom display.

Last update - MC/July 3, 2017