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How Can BibleWorks Help Me To Learn Hebrew?
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There are many tools in the BibleWorks 8 base package plus add-on modules that would be helpful for someone beginning study in Hebrew.

In the base package are the Hebrew paradigms for learning Hebrew word formation and the Vocabulary Flashcard Tool for learning vocabulary. There are sound files for the most frequently occuring words (approximately 2000 words with sound files).

For beginning grammars, BibleWorks offers the add-on modules Beginning Hebrew by Futato and A Practical Grammar for Classical Hebrew by Weingreen. A beginning student may find Futato's work a little easier to use.

The BibleWorks 8 Analysis Tab's ability to show the parsing plus the word definition enables the user to work in the Hebrew text even when having a limited vocabulary and limited parsing skills. The Resource Summary Tab gives links to the Waltke/O'Connor, Joüon-Muraoka, and Gesenius Hebrew syntax texts where they discuss the verse or the grammatical form.

Having the ability to show the Hebrew text and the English text at the same time in the Browse Window gives the user the ability to consult the English text for help in translating and recognizing the definition of Hebrew words.

The ability to double-click on a word in the Browse Window to perform a search enables a user to search on words even if he/she does not have good proficiency in typing Hebrew.

If the student could also meet with someone on a regular basis to learn Hebrew, that would be very beneficial. The discipline to continue is perhaps the most difficult part.

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