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To What Extent Does BibleWorks Endorse the Positions of its Texts?
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BibleWorks corporately does not take a position endorsing the content of the texts it contains. Although our personal positions are not relevant, those in our company do personally believe the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments to be the very Word of God and that they should be cherished, protected against abuse, and proclaimed to all people everywhere. This is why we do what we do.

We also believe the best exegetes of Scripture are those who are fully prepared, intellectually as well as spiritually, to rightly divide the word of truth. A great deal of useful information about the Bible and how best to interpret it is available from a wide variety of sources, and part of this preparation involves learning where to look for answers to exegetical questions. Some of those sources do not respect the Word as we do. Some are actually used in some quarters to undermine it. But they still provide information in many cases that is essential to an intelligent study of the Scriptures. We rely on the intelligence and training of our customers, most of whom are in seminary or have been to seminary, to separate the wheat from the chaff. This filtering process is an essential part of what pastors and teachers, for example, are called to do.

There are people who will abuse these sources and use them for evil purposes, just as there are those who use Scripture itself and twist it to accomplish wicked things. But that does not mean that these resources are useless or that serious students of Scripture should not use them, albeit with caution and spiritual discernment. If you want a package that has only resources that are free of all error, what you need is just a Bible concordance program that does nothing but search your favorite version. There are cheaper ways to get that than BibleWorks. But if users are willing to use the intellect that God has given them, and to compare Scripture with Scripture, the tools in BibleWorks are invaluable. And of course if one wants to counter some of the errors published in other, even widely used, resources, it is a big help to have these tools available.

All in all, we are comfortable with the resources we provide and believe the mix which is in BibleWorks is balanced and serves the needs of a wide range of interpreters of Scripture. Of course we ourselves will not agree with all the views of all of our users, but we do believe that the only hope of unity in the church at large is a common commitment to finding out what the inspired Scriptures really say to a fallen world. And we hope and believe that the package that we have assembled will help more and more people to do just that.

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