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What is the Source for the Information on the Flashcards (and Word Tips)?
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The Vocabulary Flashcard Module displays a number of details about the vocabulary items contained on them. Much of this information is already discussed in the BibleWorks Online Help. To access this quickly, open the Vocabulary Flashcard Module, place your mouse somewhere in the window that opens, then press the F1 function key.

Nevertheless, some questions have arisen regarding the origin of the data that appears on the cards. These questions address word definitions and their frequency of appearance.

The definitions have been drawn from a number of different language resources. There is no single resource for the definitions of either the Greek or Hebrew words.

The frequency of the words was determined by measuring their occurrence in BibleWorks tagged versions. Furthermore, because this frequency was determined when the flashcards were generated, various factors can influence the number reported, such as the source of each lemma and how homonyms were handled. Some databases also disagree on the root from which a form had been drawn.

Note, by the way, that the form of the definitions are given in the Infinitive, not in First or Third Person. This is standard, lexical form. Though ακουω is the Present Indicative Active First Person Singular form of the verb "I hear", the entry in a Greek-English lexicon offers the definition to hear, listen to. The same applies to Hebrew vocabulary, where the lexical entry is the Qal Perfect Third Person Masculine Singular.

The Word Tips displayed in certain appropriately-tagged versions when mousing over text in the Browse Window are taken from the Flashcard data.

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