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Why Doesn't BibleWorks Have A Certain Resource?
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We aren't wedded to the texts we currently include in BibleWorks for theological reasons, but rather economic. Some works have a very high street price, and the cost of formatting and proofing electronic texts for such works necessitates substantial customer interest to achieve break-even. Our company exists to serve a customer base that in general is not affluent, and we consider it our mandate to keep prices as low as we can.

Keep in mind also that in BibleWorks 7 and later versions, one can create links to resources outside of BibleWorks. In BibleWorks 7, the External Links Manager provided the capability to jump to resources in some other programs on the computer, and to resources on the Internet. In addition to this, BibleWorks 8 and later versions include the External Resources Manager, also known as Ermie. The External Resources Manager permits you to create an organization catalog and add links to the organizational catalog to files from the Internet and from your own computer. With the plethora of references available on the Internet, the possibilities are very great indeed.  (It's also useful to remember that the fact of a text's appearance on the Internet doesn't convey to BibleWorks the right for us to include it in our distributed product.)

In addition, please don't fail to consider the very large list of BibleWorks-formatted resources available in the BibleWorks Blog.

We appreciate knowing of customers' interest in works not currently included, and, as we perceive that interest at a threshold level, will indeed move to include them in BibleWorks. That being said, however, BibleWorks is not intended to be an electronic library, for reasons indicated in this FAQ. We encourage you to read these reasons before investing in an electronic library.

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