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What Happened to Linear Morphology?
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In previous versions of BibleWorks - as recently as BibleWorks 6 - there was an entry on the Tools menu called LINEAR MORPHOLOGY. This item existed before the Auto-Info Window, and remained in the program even after the latter was introduced. In it one could view the morphology information for each word in a sentence of the Greek New Testament. The definition for the word showed in the bottom section of the box. By clicking on each word in the sentence, the definition for that word would be displayed in the definition box below.
When the BibleWorks interface was redesigned for version 7, it was deemed that the LINEAR MORPHOLOGY tool could be removed since it had outlived its usefulness. Morphology and dictionary information can be viewed on the Word Analysis tab of the Analysis Window. Pop-up Word Tips also display this information. Furthermore, morphology information for each word can be displayed in the Diagramming Tool as well. Therefore, though the LINEAR MORPHOLOGY window itself is no longer in BibleWorks, the information it provided is accessible in several places in the program.

The REPORT GENERATOR can be used to build a report that displays the parsing information for each word in a verse (or a range of verses) much as the LINEAR MORPHOLOGY tool did in previous versions of BibleWorks. Go to Tools>REPORT GENERATOR to find the report generator.

For example, the following screenshot of the REPORT GENERATOR is configured to produce a report in a separate window that displays the verses Matthew 1:1-5 in the BGT and the parsing information for the words in these verses.


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