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Are Interlinear Versions Be Included in BibleWorks?
Author: KB Admin Reference Number: AA-02721 Views: 6953 Created: 2012-08-05 19:00 Last Updated: 2018-06-19 14:04 0 Rating/ Voters
BibleWorks has received only a few requests for interlinear presentation. In fact, many seminaries discourage interlinear use, believing having someone else's translation under the Greek words is counterproductive for people who are learning Greek and want to become proficient at it.  The technical challenges of interlinear presentation are also nontrivial, requiring a suitably flexible and robust format that also addresses transliteration requirements.

BibleWorks has no current plans to devote resources to developing interlinear presentation. 
BibleWorks does, though, provide alternative features that approximate such presentation. For example, morphologies and lexical definitions of Greek and Hebrew words are displayed automatically in many versions when the mouse cursor is passed over the words in the Browse Window.  Please visit the BibleWorks Help, clicking on Help | Contents | Setup Options | Show Word Tips for more information.

Another alternative feature for the New Testament appears in the BibleWorks 10 AGNT tab.  This feature is not a true interlinear: the glosses are reference glosses (similar to lexicon entries) and not translations.  Nevertheless, customers may find it suitable for many purposes.

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