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What are the Requirements for Citing the Information Contained in BibleWorks?
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Please see the section titled "Database Sources and Copyrights" in the BibleWorks Help (accessed from the BibleWorks main menu or from the corresponding Copyrights section of the printed documentation in previous versions of BibleWorks) to determine the copyright owner of each BibleWorks text. This information is also shown in the Analysis Window when one's mouse is placed over the three-letter text code in the Browse Window. Reference citations for material appearing in BibleWorks must be made to the copyright owner and not to BibleWorks, exactly as if one were citing the printed copyrighted textPermissions for reproduction of all BibleWorks material, when required by the appropriate entry in the Copyrights section, must be requested directly from the copyright owners. (Please see the beginning of the Copyrights section for general rules governing when such permissions are usually required.)

If BibleWorks, LLC is the copyright owner for the texts or files one is citing, please know that BibleWorks doesn't charge nonprofit organizations a royalty fee for the use of BibleWorks-copyrighted work, although we do ask
that an acknowledgement of the BibleWorks, LLC copyright be included in the work.

BibleWorks-copyrighted products may not be redistributed for profit.

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