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How Do I Sell or Give My Program or Add-on Modules To Someone Else?
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Occasionally some have found that, after acquiring BibleWorks or an add-on module, it did not turn out to be as needed as was originally thought. Rather than let it sit unused on the computer, some have inquired whether a license for the program or module could be sold to another who could make use of the resource.  This is certainly an acceptable practice and can be conducted as one would if selling or giving the BibleWorks program itself to another person. Of course, the seller of a BibleWorks license is honor-bound to remove the resource from the computer to which it had originally been installed.

Transfer of a license for BibleWorks or an add-on module is accomplished by the seller's uninstalling the program or modules using the instructions here and here.
-- The main files will be found in the DATABASES folder under BibleWorks x. There will also be a "filename.reg" file that contains the unlock information. Both sets of files should be removed from the computer.
-- There are two places where files are stored for modules. All files for any given module will have the same filename. Only the file extension will differ.

The seller then provides his/her BibleWorks serial number/activation code to the buyer.  If the program is contained on media, the seller also transfers the media to the buyer.  If the program has been downloaded, the seller must provide the buyer a backup ISO file to allow installation.

Formerly, the buyer would then register his/her newly-acquired copy of BibleWorks, but registration is no longer being accomplished.

Last Update: RG/June 16, 2018