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How Do I Submit Payment for BibleWorks?
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Payment may be made via check/money order, credit card, or bank wire.

To pay by check/money order, please send check/money order by postal mail to BibleWorks, LLC, P.O. Box 6158, Norfolk, VA 23508 USA. Checks must be preprinted as payable through a US bank; from a bank with a preprinted US, Canada, England, Germany, or Switzerland address; and denominated in US dollars. US or international money orders must be in US dollars. Traveler's Checks in US dollars may also be sent.

To pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express), send card number, card expiration date, and three/four digit CVV2 security number from the card's reverse (1) by postal mail to the address above, or (2) by fax (click
here for number); or (3) by e-mail (if e-mail is used, for added security please divide the card data into multiple e-mail messages and send to the Customer Support address listed here).

International customers: it's prudent to contact one's credit card issuer for preauthorization before submitting a credit card payment of significant size.  Most issuers, to inhibit fraud, won't permit large international credit card payments to clear without preauthorization.

For details of sending bank wires, please contact us as described

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