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How Can I Use Software Metering to Comply with a Site License?
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A BibleWorks site license provides the licensee the right to run multiple copies of the program within a defined area, usually over a computer network. A specific number of currently running nodes, from 5 and upward, are available to an entity wherein multiple persons will be using the software concurrently. When a site license has been purchased, the licensee agrees that no more than the number of nodes purchased will be in use at one time.

How the number of nodes is managed can vary. One solution would be to install the software on the number of PCs for which the site license has been purchased. In such a case, however, each computer must be separately updated. While this would present an inconvenience to a site license of 5 nodes, it would present a monstrous task for large site licenses. Another solution is to run the software from a central server, and only set up the number of PCs to run the application for which there are nodes. In this way, one is guaranteed that if the site license is for 10 nodes, only 10 will be in use.

There is another solution for this need that will allow the network administrator to set up many more computers with the capability of running BibleWorks, while restricting the number of running copies to remain within the license agreement. This solution is the introduction of a software metering application.

A software metering application allows the administrator to centrally control access to applications running on the network. It can limit launches of each application to the legal number available and can control access to a given program by any combination of criteria such as network location, time and date, or user logon.

A number of software metering utilities are available that provide the capabilities to maintain compliance to the site license agreement. Mention of these products in this article does not constitute endorsement of one or the other, but merely provides a starting point for one seeking to fill this need. The products are listed below, and include a URL to their corporate website or, as in one case, a fact sheet.

K2 Key Server Sassafras Software
SofTrack Integrity Software
CentaMeter Tally Systems/Novell
Express Software Manager Express Metrix
Software Metering Nalpeiron

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