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How Can I Adjust Hebrew Text Size in the Vocabulary Flashcard Module?
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Adjusting text size in the Vocabulary Flashcard Module (VFM) is not difficult, and it is done in the Options window for the VFM itself.  Take the following steps:


1. Open the Vocabulary Flashcard Module.  (Tools > Language Tools > Vocabulary Flashcard Module)
2. Open a Hebrew vocabulary file such as HOTVOC.
    a. In the VFM window, click File then Open.
    b. In the window that opens, find and select HOTVOC.
    c. Click the button labeled Open.
3. Open the Options window from the VFM menu bar.
    a. Click Tools.
    b. Choose Options from the drop-down menu.  (The window shown below will open.)


4. Change the number (in the box circled in the illustration) from 10 to 60.  This is an adjustment to the point size.
5. Click OK to accept the change and close the window.
6. The size of the Hebrew type should change, so as to appear as that which is shown below.


Take note that other point sizes can be controlled here, such as the size of the font when flashcards are printed, among other things.

Last updated: ELM/Oct 7, 2010