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How Do I Activate the Program and Modules from BibleWorks 8 and Later Versions?
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For the reasons listed here, the program and add-on modules from BibleWorks 8 and later versions must be activated within 30 days of their installation.

A. If you have an Internet connection, to activate these products, follow these steps:

Note: if you are unable to Activate by Internet, this problem is almost always due to an incompatibility with updates in other Windows system software. It is almost always corrected by updating the BibleWorks Executable file following the steps below.

1. Start the BibleWorks program. If the Activation Window appears, click the Run in Trial Mode button. [If you no longer have the opton to Run in Trial Mode, use the option here to accomplish a manual update].  Otherwise, the BibleWorks main menu will be displayed.

2. Update the BibleWorks Executable. On the BibleWorks main menu, click Help | BibleWorks on the Internet | Check for Updates. Find the BibleWorks Executable, check it and follow the instructions there.  If updating by Internet doesn't work, please follow the instructions here to accomplish a manual update.

3. Open the Activation Manager by clicking, on the main menu, FILE and then ACTIVATE DATABASE.

4. The activation codes you wish to activate should be displayed as Not Activated.
-- If they are displayed as Activated, no further action is required.
-- If they are not displayed at all, and if you have installation media (USB, DVD, or CD Disc 1), insert that medium, click on Install/Reconfigure, and follow the directions to load onto your hard disk the modules and activation codes you wish to activate. Modules cannot be activated unless they are loaded. Once they are loaded to your hard disk, return to this step.
-- If the activation codes are not displayed at all, and you have no installation media because you've downloaded BibleWorks, follow the instructions here.

5. To activate the codes listed in the Activation Manager as Not Activated, it is by far easiest and fastest (assuming you have an Internet connection) to click Activate All Resources. If you have an Internet connection and receive an error message that activation by Internet has failed, copy the error message received and contact BibleWorks Customer Support. However, almost always activation by Internet succeeds, and you will receive a message to this effect. You are then done: there is no need to follow the remaining steps.

B. If you do not have an Internet connection or do not wish to activate by Internet, click below for instructions:

How Do I Manually Activate BibleWorks 8?

How Do I Manually Activate BibleWorks 9 and 10?

Please Note:

-- Certain modules (e.g., ESNT, IBHS, JMUR, VGNT) that formerly required activation have been included in the most recent version(s) of BibleWorks; they thus will not be included in the list appearing in the Activation Manager.
-- Certain other modules provided to upgraders (see list here) must be activated, but they will also not be included in the list appearing in the Activation Manager.  Navigating to these resources in BibleWorks, however, will confirm their presence.
-- BibleWorks-compatible modules ordered from WORDsearch may be activated using the instructions appearing here.

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