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How Can I Create a BibleWorks Desktop Icon?
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Windows provides a number of ways for starting programs, one of which is the desktop icon. Actually, during the course of installation, many programs offer the option to create a desktop icon. BibleWorks is one such program. Nevertheless, for one reason or another, it is possible that the icon was not created or was accidentally deleted. Though it is still possible to start the program from the Windows Start Menu, many prefer to have the desktop icon handy.

When there is a need to create a desktop icon for starting BibleWorks (or any other program, for that matter) one can use one of two methods. Neither of the two actually uses BibleWorks itself. The creation and use of a desktop icon is a Windows issue. (Instructions for creation of a desktop icon can actually be found in Windows Help.)

One way of creating a desktop icon is to copy it from the Start Menu shortcut.
1. Start with the Windows desktop fully in view. (Any other programs should be minimized for the time being.)
2. Click on START.
4. Find program folder that contains the shortcut for which you wish to make a desktop icon. In this case it should be your version of BibleWorks.
5. When you click on the desired folder, a sub-menu of program shortcuts will appear. A number of shortcuts will be on the menu.
6. Move your mouse to the icon/shortcut for the program itself. (That is, not the help file, and not the uninstall command.)
7. Click and hold the RIGHT mouse button.
8. Drag the item out to a place on the desktop, but NOT over another icon.
9. Release your right mouse button.
10. A menu will appear. Choose COPY HERE.
(Note: If the pop-up menu offers the option CREATE SHORTCUT HERE do not choose it. You would be creating a shortcut to a shortcut to a program. That tends to get messy in the Windows environment.)
11. Test the icon to confirm that it starts the program correctly.

Another method for creating a desktop icon is to use the CREATE SHORTCUT dialog, as follows:
1. Start with the Windows Desktop fully in view.
2. Move the mouse cursor to a place on the desktop where there is no other icon.
3. Click once with the right mouse button. A pop-up menu should appear.
4. Find NEW on the menu and click on it. A sub-menu should appear.
5. Choose SHORTCUT from the sub-menu. The CREATE SHORTCUT dialog box will display.
6. In the dialog box there is a field labeled TYPE THE LOCATION OF THE ITEM with a BROWSE button next to it.
a. You can type the path directly into the field, if you know it. For example, if you installed BibleWorks 7 using the default location, the path to enter into this field would be C:\\Program Files\\BibleWorks 7\\BW700.exe.
b. You can use the BROWSE button to find the executable file. This will open a window labeled BROWSE FOR FOLDER. This starts at the very top level, so it is necessary to drill down through the folders until the folder is found that contains the executable file for which the desktop icon is to be created.
7. When the field for the location of the item has been filled, proceed to the next step by clicking NEXT.
8. A field appears labeled TYPE A NAME FOR THIS SHORTCUT. This name is limited to 256 characters, though you will likely want to keep it shorter, for example, BibleWorks (without the quotes.)
9. Click FINISH when the field has been completed to satisfaction.
10. Test the icon to confirm that it starts the program.

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