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Why Doesn't BibleWorks Remember Passages I Enter on the Command Line?
Author: KB Admin Reference Number: AA-02770 Views: 4671 Created: 2012-08-05 19:00 Last Updated: 2012-06-08 04:09 0 Rating/ Voters
In BibleWorks one can view text in the Browse Window in one of two ways. One is the Single-Version Browse Mode, in which text of only one Bible version or text will be in view. In the Multiple-Version Mode, one can view a verse or passage in several versions at once. To view a verse or passage, simply enter the reference on the Command Line and hit the ENTER key on the keyboard.

When a passage is entered, that string of verses will display in as many versions as are selected. If one toggles to Single-Version Browse Mode, or clicks on one of the other tabs at the top of the Search Window, and then switches back to the Multiple-Version Mode window that was originally in view, the passage has reverted to displaying only the first verse of the passage that had been entered.

To enable BibleWorks to keep the full passage as it had been entered, a setting must be changed in the OPTIONS dialog box. Take these steps to make the change.
1. Open the OPTIONS dialog box. (Toolbar button or TOOLS > OPTIONS)
2. Click the tab labeled OPTION FLAGS.
3. Find COMMAND LINE SEARCH OPTIONS in the list and click the plus sign next to it to expand the list of options for view.
4. Find and check the item REMEMBER COMMAND LINE RANGES
5. Click OK to close the Options dialog and accept the change.
6. Try the action to confirm that it works as expected.

Last Update - ELM/April 11, 2007