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What is the Best Way to Learn BibleWorks?
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BibleWorks strives to offer comprehensive help for you to learn how to use BibleWorks through the following means:

Quick Help within BibleWorks
The BibleWorks Help System is accessible in several ways. One can click the link on the Getting Started window, or from the drop-down HELP menu.

Perhaps the best way to access the BibleWorks Help is by use of the F1 key. Hold the mouse over an item on the screen - whether it be a buttonbar button, a panel on the screen, or an open window such as the lexicons window - and press the F1 key. The BibleWorks Help window will open to the place where the indicated item is discussed.

BibleWorks Quick-Start Guide

BibleWorks 8, 9 and 10 users receive
with their media purchase of BibleWorks a Quick-Start Guide that begins with installation instructions. If you  purchased BibleWorks 10 as a download, the Quick-Start Guide is included as a PDF file in the BibleWorks 10 folder after the program is installed or you can download a copy of one from the link below. Pages 4-16 of the Quick-Start Guide are written to help you use BibleWorks more effectively and efficiently. Please take a few minutes to read through those pages as you get to know the program and refer back to them for help in many of the basic tasks you may wish to accomplish with BibleWorks.

A PDF version of the BibleWorks 8, 9 and 10 Quick-Start Guides can be downloaded from the Attached Images link below. If you find that you cannot read the attached file with a viewer on your computer, you can download a free PDF viewer from The Quick-Start Guide is also available in Spanish (Click here).   The Guide for BibleWorks 8 is also available by video in Portuguese.

Click here for a BibleWorks 10 user guide that has been published in Korean by a BibleWorks user.

View a Training Workship Online
Click here to see videos that were recorded from a full day workshop in how to use BibleWorks 10. You can view a little or the whole workshop at your leisure. 

Korean users may wish to enroll in online training developed by a BibleWorks user by clicking here.

How-To Videos
BibleWorks offers tutorial videos that demonstrate how to make use of the program. The videos have been created from a task-oriented point of view, that is, how can I use BibleWorks to make my Bible study better? 

The videos are available on a BibleWorksVideos YouTube channel. Click here to view a list of links to the How-To Videos. The videos use both BibleWorks 10 and BibleWorks 9 to demonstrate techniques in BibleWorks. Videos using BibleWorks 9 are generally applicable to BibleWorks 10 in the techniques they demonstrate. These videos can be viewed as often as needed, so that one will know how to use the Command Line and various program windows in the BibleWorks user interface.

The How-To Videos can be viewed by going to HELP on the main menu of BibleWorks and choosing the menu choices for BibleWorks How-To Videos (Online). 

Tutorial Guides for Previous Versions of BibleWorks
You can download short guides for previous versions to help you get to know the program better from the Attachments links below. In these guides you will find an introduction to the windows in BibleWorks, how to navigate to new verses and conduct searches in the Bible versions found in BibleWorks. BibleWorks users may also benefit from the last 3 pages of several of the tutorial guides as they contain a reference sheet for the Command Line in BibleWorks, a list of keyboard shortcuts for the program and a font map to assist you in typing Greek and Hebrew using the BibleWorks fonts. Those reference sheets are found in the BibleWorks 10 At a Glance pdf document below.

BibleWorks 7 and 8
For similar tutorial material on BibleWorks 7 see the document, BW7 Basics Tutorial found below. A BibleWorks 7 tutorial is also available in the following languagues Spanish, German and Portuguese below. A website HERE has one in French.

BibleWorks 5 and 6

The Tutorial-BW6 First Things document (see below) is written for BibleWorks 6 users, but is applicable in most respects to BibleWorks 5 users as well.

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