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How Can I Understand Abbreviations Found in Reference Works?
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Many BibleWorks reference works contain abbreviations referring to notes, to other references works or to other material of interest. Often, however, it is difficult to determine what the abbreviations mean. This information is contained within BibleWorks in one of two places.

If the abbreviation appears in a resource that is viewed in the Browse Window, then information about it may be found by holding the mouse cursor over the version abbreviation at the head of the segment.

If the abbreviation occurs in a resource that appears in a separate browser window (e.g. Tischendorf,) then the information about it will usually be accessed on pages accessed by the index at the left-hand side of the window. For example, when Tischendorf opens, Matthew 1 will usually appear at the top of the index. By scrolling upward in that index, above the Matthew info, one finds a number of pages that contain helpful information in the use of Tischendorf's work.

In similar fashion one can find information about dictionaries and lexical works, which also appear in their own browser window on demand.

By accessing these informational pages, one can often make sense of what would otherwise pose as a cryptic superscript.

Last Update: ELM/March 23, 2007