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How Does One Print From The BibleWorks Map Module?
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The BibleWorks Map Modules presents a basic, relief map of Palestine, the Middle East and the Mediterranean basin. By applying overlays, one can see the locations of sites relevant to various periods covered in the Bible.

Since these maps can be useful as visual aids in teaching from the Bible, the question is posed how one can export or print the maps. One should bear in mind that these maps are high definition color files. Printed output will be determined by the limitations of the printer. Some details may be lost when printing the map in grey-scale. Furthermore, whether printing in color or grey-scale, one may need to make adjustments to the labels for place names so they will stand out well on the printed product. Instructions for editing the labels can be found in the Online Help for the maps.

To print a map directly from the module, center the area on the computer screen that is to be printed. Zoom in on an area, if desired, using the zoom tool and the panning tool (the four-directional arrow) to frame the area of the map desired. Close the Overlays window, if desired, to see what will print, though the window will not print, even if it is displayed when the print command is made.

Another way of printing a map will be to export the map data to another application and printing from there. Map data can be exported in either of two ways - as a vector graphic or as a bitmap graphic. To perform such an export, render the map view desired, as described above, then click on the EDIT menu from the menu bar. Choose the desired graphic format from the list to execute the COPY action. This action copies the data to the Windows clipboard. Open the application into which the data is to be pasted, determine the place where the data is to be pasted by placing the blinking insertion point or creating a frame (consult the application's documentation for placing graphics,) then perform the PASTE command from the application's Edit menu.

Additional information for using and editing the maps can be found in chapter 34 of BibleWorks Online Help. Note that the information above applies to the BibleWorks Map Module, and does not apply to the Net Bible Maps, which work differently.

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