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Where Do I Find Information for a Reference Drawn from a BibleWorks Resource?
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The publication information for the resources in BibleWorks can be drawn from a number of places in the program:

-- One way of obtaining information about a resource is to consult the BibleWorks copyrights section by clicking on Help | Show Copyright Information in the main menu.

-- To cite a work that displays in the Browse Window, one can view information about that resource by holding the mouse cursor over the book code. The information will appear in the Analysis Window when the Word Analysis tab is selected in BibleWorks 7. For BibleWorks 8 and subsequent versions, select the Version tab and then place the mouse cursor over the verse in the Browse Window to view version information.

-- In BibleWorks 8 and subsequent versions, complete bibliographic citations for BibleWorks texts are available and can be extracted in a variety of formats.  Visit Help | Show Bibliographic Information.

-- If a work opens in a separate window, in many cases the needed information can be obtained from the title page included with the file for that work. A link to the title page will be found in the index panel, or in a combo box that appears over the index panel. For some works that appear in this window that title page is not included.

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