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Why Do Bible Version Verses Displayed Together Sometimes Not Match?
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Many apparent mismatches of this type result from verses being numbered differently in different Bible versions. There is not, for example, a one-to-one correspondence between verses in the BHS Hebrew and the LXX Greek Old Testament, or between the BHS and any English version. BibleWorks will always attempt to display corresponding content for verses for each version (if they exist), even if the verse numbers do not match.

A verse reference typed on the Command Line will display that verse from the Search Version (identified by the left most version in the Command Line Versions button, see illustration below) and the corresponding verse in every other version on display regardless of how it is numbered. As an example, try the following exercise:

1. Add the Hebrew WTT, the Greek (LXT) OT, and at least one English Bible to your display.
2. With the Search Version set to the WTT type the following command on the Command Line:
psa 16:1
Notice that BibleWorks displays the verse numbered Psalm 16:1 in the WTT and the corresponding verse in the LXT (which happens to be numbered 15:1).
3. Now change the Search Version to the LXT and type the exact same command on the Command Line:
psa 16:1
Now note that a different verse entirely is displayed. Again, BibleWorks displays the verse numbered Psalm 16:1 in the LXT (the Search Version) and the corresponding verse in the other display versions regardless of how they are numbered.
Additional information about verse mapping can be found in the BibleWorks Online Help. It will be found in Chapter 65 - Setup Options. Look for Editing Verse Maps in the contents list. An easy way to access it is to open the Tooks | Options dialog box to the Verse Maps tab, then hold the mouse over the box and hit the F1 function key. The Online Help window will open directly to the desired place in the chapter.

Should a suspected mismatch be encountered even considering the above, please report it by sending an email to

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