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How Do I Limit my Search to a Book or Author?
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Search limits can be set basically in two ways: via the Search Limits window, or by use of the limits command on the Command Line.

To set limits by the former means, click Search on the menu bar and choose Set Search Limits from the drop-down menu.  The window shown below will display.


The three sections of the window allow one to set no search limits, search limits by books, or custom search limits.

However, if you want to quickly begin using a shortcut method to set Search Limits the following examples for the command line should get you started quickly.
Essentially the initial l (for
limits) tells BibleWorks that you are setting limits and then what follows is the range you want to limit the search to.

Click here to see a visit demonstrating how to set search limits.

Parameters for such limitations can be set for...

1. A testament, such as l ot which will limit the search to the Old Testament.
2. A book, such as l gen which will limit the search to the book of Genesis.
3. A chapter or chapters, such as l gen 12 which will limit the search to Genesis 12.  (See other examples below.)
3. A custom range, such as l pent which will limit the search to the Penteteuch.
4. Clearing the search limits, as in l c which will clear a previously set search limit.

The custom range must be defined in the Set Search Limits window.  Some are already defined when BibleWorks is installed.  Others can be defined as needed.

Command Line shortcut examples:

l joh (sets limits to the book of John)
l john (sets limits to the custom range named John: Jn, 1,2,3 Jn, and Rev)
l aramaic (sets limits to the custom range named Aramaic: Ezr 4:8 - Ezr 6:18; Ezr 7:12 - Ezr 7:26; Dan 2:4 - 7:28; Jer 10:11;Gen 31:47)
l gen 1-17 (sets limits to Genesis chapters 1 thru 17)
l exo 20 (sets limits to Exodus chapter 20)
l pent (sets limits to the custom range named Pent: Gen, Exo, Lev, Num, Deu)

See the bottom of the Search Limits window for all of the custom ranges.

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