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How Do I Find Verses Containing the Same Word Twice?
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Alternative wording for question:
.word1 word1
returns the same resuls as
but different numbers of hits. Please explain.

As an example let's find all verses containing the word god twice.

To get the results we are looking for we will want to use the phrase type search. The phrase search is also an AND search with the added constraint of word order. BibleWorks arrives at the final result by actually reading through the text of the verses looking for particular strings. In our case we want to allow for a certain number (let's say 15) possible words intervening between the two instances of god. So we will enter the following on the command line:

'god *15 god

The initial apostrophe indicates that this is a string search. The *15 in between the two words indicates the maximum number of words you will allow to appear between the first and second instance of god.

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