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How Do I Find All the Hapax Legomena in a Book or Author?
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Finding all of the vocabulary that occurs only one time in a particular corpus is simple using the Word List Manager (WLM). As an example let's find all of the hapax legomena in the Gospel of John.

1. Open the WLM by clicking Tools>Word List Manager.
2. In the lower right click the button labeled Load or Generate Word List.
3. In the Create Word List window set the Version to a Greek NT morphology version like the BNM. (If you are not familiar with morphology versions click here for a brief tutorial.)
4. Under Source choose Load words from a Bible version.
5. Under Verse Range type in joh. (The first three letters of a book name is the default abbreviation used in BibleWorks for all but Judges/Jdg and Philemon /Phm.)
6. Under Other Options be sure the check box labeled Keep morph codes is not checked.
7. Click Create List.
8. You now have a list of all Greek vocabulary in the book of John. Click Sort>Sort by Frequency.
9. Click and drag the scroll bar down to the bottom of the list and you will see all words that occur only one time in the book of John.

For more information on setting more complex verse ranges click Search>Set Search Limits and click Help button.
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