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How Do I Access Apocryphal or Extra-Biblical Books in Bibleworks?
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In order to view or search an apocryphal book (like Tobit) the book must be contained in the current search version. (You can easily see which version is the current search version by looking at the button immediately to the left of the command line.)

For example if you set the current search version to the LXX or RSV and type tob 1 on the Command Line, the first verse of Tobit will be displayed in the results window. If you set the search version to the NIV and type tob 1 on the command line, you will get an error message saying, There is no such reference in the current search version. because the book of Tobit does not exist in the NIV.

To see a list of every apocryphal book found in BibleWorks and in what Bible translations they are found do the following:
1. Click Help>Online Help Contents.
2. Go to Index and at the top you'll see Book Names Abbreviations.
3. Choose this option by double clicking the title on the left.
4. Scroll down to the table entitled Apocryphal Books in More Detail.
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