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How Do I Update BibleWorks?
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There are basically two ways of obtaining updates for BibleWorks. Many versions are equipped to update from within the program. For all versions, updates can be obtained from the BibleWorks website.

A.  From BibleWorks 5 and onward, updates can be performed from within the program when the computer to which it is installed has an Internet connection.

1, First click HELP on the menu bar, and then:

2. In version 10 click "Check for Updates". In versions 5-9, first click "BibleWorks on the Web" or "BibleWorks on the Internet", then one can find the command "Check for Updates" (or the like).

3. A connection to the BibleWorks server will be made, and a catalog of new items will be downloaded. One can then select and apply desired downloads. You may want to check "Options | Show Downloaded/Hidden Patches" for past updates you may have missed.

BibleWorks 8 and newer versions make the process even easier, in that a small program, when it has detected an active Internet connection, will check for updates when the program is started on the computer. If updates are available, a prompt box will appear on the screen to alert the user.

Mac Users: For BibleWorks 9 and 10 users: in addition to the steps above, click here for instructions on how to update the Mac Installer .dmg file. Bug fixes and program enhancements are provided to the Mac installation through both these means.

Windows and Mac Executable Updates Appear First: if an update is available for the BibleWorks executable, one's first visit to "Check for Updates" will display only the executable update.  A second visit, following one's update of the executable, will display other files available for update.  This sequencing ensures that the files other than the executable are updated using the latest BibleWorks executable.  It is therefore wise to visit "Check for Updates" again following an update of the BibleWorks executable.

Executable Version Numbers May Not Be Sequential.  Version numbers of BibleWorks updates appearing in the updater may be out of sequence with (in particular, less than) the numbers of versions previously installed.  This out-of-sequence condition is an artifact of the update process.  An update with a more recent date should be installed in preference to an update with a greater or equal sequence number but a former date.  The version number of the currently-installed BibleWorks executable will always appear in the top banner of the BibleWorks main menu.

B.  Updates can be secured as individual files to update various BibleWorks files manually. Instructions for downloading free BibleWorks updates from the Internet appear here for each version of BibleWorks. Choose the BibleWorks version that you have and click on the link where it says, "If you are unable to get the updater to work". Updates may be downloaded and moved to a computer without an Internet connection, using the instructions here.

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