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What Can I Do If Expected Updates Don't Show In The List?
Author: KB Admin Reference Number: AA-02792 Views: 7802 Created: 2012-08-05 19:00 Last Updated: 2018-05-28 17:28 0 Rating/ Voters
When one clicks CHECK FOR UPDATES from the Help | Check for Updates sub-menu, BibleWorks connects over the Internet to a server that contains update patches for the program. The BibleWorks Updater creates a list of items posted on the server that have not already been downloaded to the computer. The desired items can then be checked and downloaded.

The first part is to download the files for the update. The program then prompts that the downloads have been made, and that BibleWorks must be shut down to complete the process. If the second part is interrupted, it is possible that the next time the BibleWorks Updater runs, those updates will not show in the list, even though they had not been applied.

It is usually possible to display and apply the missing updates for circumstances such as those described above. This is done by choosing the option to display all downloaded updates. This measure must be used carefully, however, as applying downloaded updates that have been previously applied has been known to cause problems in the program. This solution should be used, therefore, only when updates were downloaded, but NOT applied.
1. Open the BibleWorks Updater window.
2. BibleWorks will check the server and then display a list of available updates. Check the list to confirm that the item(s) does/do not appear in the list.
3. Click OPTIONS to display the drop-down list in the Updater window.
5. Check the list again to locate and select the previously downloaded patches.
6. Confirm that there are no other running copies of BibleWorks except one.
7. Click the button APPLY SELECTED UPDATES.
8. Allow BibleWorks to shut down, apply the selected patches and then start again.
9. Open the BibleWorks Updater window once again.
10. Click OPTIONS from the menubar in the Updater and deselect the option to SHOW DOWNLOADED / HIDDEN PATCHES. (This will help avoid confusion when subsequent updates are run.)

Last Update: RG/May 28, 2018