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How Can I Update BibleWorks Without Using the Internal BibleWorks Updater?
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The best way to keep BibleWorks current is by using the internal BibleWorks Updater, the "Check for Updates" facility (found on the Main Menu under HELP > CHECK FOR UPDATES, or, in versions 5-9, HELP > BIBLEWORKS ON THE INTERNET.)

If you cannot do that, there are two ways to proceed.

I.  (BibleWorks 10 only) If your BibleWorks computer has a broadband Internet connection but you cannot access the internal BibleWorks updater:
-- Using Windows Explorer or equivalent, navigate to the main BibleWorks 10 directory (e.g. c:\Program Files (x86)\BibleWorks 10) and locate the file bwupdate.exe.
-- Double-click on that file to run it.  Doing so will update your BibleWorks 10 executable file and Help file.

II.  (All versions of BibleWorks) A manual workaround procedure is to download and apply individual update files.

Another computer with a broadband connection to the Internet must be available.  Then:

1. Insert a writeable, portable medium (a USB flash drive is recommended) into the Internet-connected computer.
2. On that computer, open an Internet browser window to the BibleWorks website -
3. From the menu on the main page,
a. Click on SUPPORT.
b. Choose DOWNLOADS from the drop-down menu. (The Downloads page should display.)
c. On the Downloads page, click the CLICK HERE link for Program Updates. (The Program Updates page should display.)
d. On the Program Updates page find the link for updates for the version you wish to update. Click the CLICK HERE link. (Another page named Downloads will display.)
e. Follow the instructions listed.
           4. To download an item, take the following steps.
a. Click on the underlined name of the file.
b. When the File Download box opens, click SAVE.
c. When the Save As box opens, select the drive and/or folder to which the file should be saved, then click the SAVE button.
5. Repeat the above steps for as many updates are needed. When updating a new installation of BibleWorks, the number of files to be selected will be high. Later updates will have fewer files.
6. If the items were saved to a folder on the computer itself, move them to the medium on which it will be transported. Either burn it to a CD or copy it to the drive folder representing the removable medium.
7. Remove the medium from this computer and take it to the target computer that has BibleWorks but no Internet connection.
8. To apply the updates to BibleWorks on this PC, one can do so from the removeable media, or one can copy the files to the hard drive of the computer and apply them from there.
9. If BibleWorks is running, shut it down at this time.
10. Double-click the file to execute the update. Repeat for each file that had been downloaded.
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