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What is BibleWorks's Policy Regarding Databases and Their Content?
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BibleWorks's Database Policy

Concerning database content:
The BibleWorks policy is to retain the content of the database as supplied to us by the licensor. In general this means that the content of the BibleWorks database conforms to the printed text. Because of the requirements and expectations of an electronic text, the original text may be enhanced with hyperlinks and other features designed to increase the usability of the database.

Concerning database errors:
Some errors may be present in the original databases. In such cases BibleWorks has no obligation to fix the errors. For certain databases licensing restrictions may not allow BibleWorks to make corrections to the database. Notifications of errors in the original database should be addressed to the licensor rather than to BibleWorks. Other errors may be the result of the conversion process to BibleWorks format. In such cases BibleWorks will attempt to correct the error to conform to the original database. Errors found only in the BibleWorks edition of the database should be reported to BibleWorks for correction.

Concerning licensed program content:
BibleWorks licenses and/or implements certain content and components from third parties for inclusion in BibleWorks. One example of such content is third-party fonts. In such cases BibleWorks usually does not have permission to make changes to these components.

Concerning stylistic changes:
In order to provide the best user experience when using the BibleWorks edition of the database, the presentation of the content may differ from the printed text. Stylistic changes may include such items as fonts, colors, placement of content, and organization of content. BibleWorks tries to balance the look and feel of the original text with a unified presentation within BibleWorks.

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