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Why Doesn't My Module Unlock or Activation Code Work?
Author: KB Admin Reference Number: AA-02816 Views: 16824 Created: 2012-08-05 19:00 Last Updated: 2018-08-14 17:02 0 Rating/ Voters
Both module unlock codes (pre-BibleWorks 8) and module activation codes (BibleWorks 8 and later) are extended series of letters and numbers provided to unlock additional resources available for BibleWorks.

1. Unlock codes may fail because the book code itself, such as BDAG or HALOT. which is part of the unlock code, has not been entered. Be sure to include that part with the other alpha-numeric blocks when entering the code in the field provided.

Since unlock codes are sent via email, one simple way of assuring that the code has been correctly entered is to have the email containing the code open at the same time that you start the process for performing the unlock. Then, when the unlock box is open on the screen, switch to the email containing the code, highlight it, then return to BibleWorks with the UNLOCKING A BIBLEWORKS DATABASE box open and paste the code into the field provided. This should produce a successful result.

2. Another reason unlock codes may fail is the matter of Windows compatibility. If a copy of BibleWorks 7 acquired before March of 2008, or of any previous version of BibleWorks, is installed to a computer running any version of Vista or a later version of Windows, certain actions must be taken to enable BibleWorks to function correctly. (These actions are described here.) If these actions are required and have not been taken, the process for unlocking modules will fail, and the result is usually that BibleWorks crashes.

3. Because activation is a process new with BibleWorks 8, customers with pre-BibleWorks 8 module unlock codes must obtain activation codes for each module prior to the activation process. These activation codes are usually automatically sent by e-mail when a copy of BibleWorks 8 or later is ordered, but the automatic process depends on one's BibleWorks customer record having been updated continuously since the module purchase was made.

4. Activation itself typically proceeds smoothly; additional instructions on how to activate and on troubleshooting the activation process,  if needed, appear here.

Last Updated: RG/June 16, 2018