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How Can I Fix the Popup Copy Window to Work with my Word Processor?
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The Popup Copy Window is a useful little window that can be opened directly in some word processors such as Microsoft Word for Windows by hitting the keystroke combination of CTRL+SHIFT+B. One can use this box to paste a Bible verse or passage into the document one is composing without switching between BibleWorks and the document using a Copy-and-Paste action.

BibleWorks must, of course, be running at the time.  And in order for the Popup Copy Window to work properly with Microsoft Word and BibleWorks, both programs must be run at the same security level.  More information on aligning these security levels is found under "Copying to Microsoft Word" in the BibleWorks Help (section 56 in BibleWorks 10).

In Windows 10, BibleWorks must be run in administrator mode for the Popup Copy Window to work with a word processor.  This FAQ describes how to run BibleWorks in administrator mode.

In BibleWorks 5, 6, and 7, the Popup Copy Window may not display as expected. Instead, the keystroke sequence will display the BibleWorks Floating Command Line. This is the case, for example, with Lotus Word Pro and OpenOffice Writer.  It is still possible to use the Popup Copy Window when using these word processors, as follows:
1. Open the Options dialog box.
2. Click the Option Flags tab to bring it to the front.
3. Find and expand the list for Export Options.
4. Find and select Force Popup Copy Window to use Copy Center Window.
5. Close the Options dialog box.
6. Switch to a word processor and test the change.

One thing must be kept in mind when this setting has been made. If one WANTS the floating Command Line to display with the same keystroke sequence, it will be necessary to deselect this checkbox. (If one has opened a Parallel Versions window and wants to display a floating Command Line, it will not do so if the specified item under Export Options is selected.)

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