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Why Am I Not Able To Type A Qamets in My Word Processor Document?
Author: KB Admin Reference Number: AA-02821 Views: 6661 Created: 2012-08-05 19:00 Last Updated: 2017-10-11 15:07 0 Rating/ Voters
When the BibleWorks Hebrew font is used and the key is struck for the qamets (the quotation mark key), the qamets flashes for a split second then disappears. This also applies to problems with the smooth breathing mark grave accent combination found on the ' key in the bwgrkl font.

The behavior described here actually has nothing to do with the BibleWorks font in use. It is due to a feature of the word processor. Many word processors have a feature that converts straight quotation marks into curved quotation marks (usually called smart quotes.) When the feature encounters the qamets (the quotation mark key in BWHebb) it attempts to replace the character normally specified by that key with the correct curved character, which doesn't of course exist in the Hebrew font. Simply hit Undo (or Ctrl-Z) and the last command (the one that incorrectly replaced the qamets) will be reversed.

It is possible to disengage (disable) the feature in the word processor that performs the conversion described above. The feature will commonly be termed AutoCorrect or AutoFormating (usually found in the Tools pull-down menu). The feature is usually called something like Replace 'straight quotes' with 'smart quotes.' Simply turn it off and the qamets will type fine. In some word processors, like Microsoft Word this feature will be found activated in two places; On the AutoCorrect dialog box one will need to disable this feature on both the AutoFormatting tab and the AutoFormatting As You Type tab.

In MS Works select Tools>Options. In the dialog at the Editing tab take the check out of the box Use Smart Quotes.

In Word Perfect 8 the smart quotes feature can be disabled by going to Tools>Quick Correct>Smart Quotes tab. Take the check out of both the double and single quotation mark box.

In Word Perfect 7 the smart quotes feature can be disabled by going to Tools>Quick Correct click on Options and uncheck single quotes and double quotes smart quotes feature.

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