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Can I Export Text from Bible Versions in Parallel Columns?
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The Parallel Versions Window (see the Tools menu) is a feature that displays multiple Browse Windows in a side by side format. The print feature in BibleWorks does not support a printing of this parallel layout from the program itself, but one can copy the texts or a screenshot of the Parallel Versions Window to a word processor in order to print the desired texts in the parallel format. BibleWorks does not format the text into columns for the word processor since each word processor uses different programming to format columns. One can, however,

1. Copy the text into a word processor and then set up the resulting document to use parallel columns.
2. Insert a table containing one row for each verse into a word processor and copy each parallel text into a separate column of the table.
3. Take a screen snapshot of the Parallel Versions Window (PVW) in BibleWorks, just open the desired PVW, and then press Alt+PrintScreen.
This places a picture of the current window on the Clipboard. Now you can open a word processor document and click the Edit pull down in this program and select Paste. The attached document, in MS Word format, contains an example of each of these three options.)

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