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Why Does BibleWorks Editor Convert Greek Characters to Latin?
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Pertains to BibleWorks 7 & 8

The act of copying text from BibleWorks to be pasted into a document of some kind is common. Under most circumstances, that which is selected and copied to the Windows Clipboard will paste into the target document in the same form. There are conditions, however, where this will not be the case. Differing file formats of one kind or another will be at the root of the problem.

Such was discovered to be the case when copying text from a Greek grammar (Davis) to the BibleWorks Editor. Quotations from the Greek New Testament that in Davis appeared in Greek script were converted to Latin characters when pasted into the BibleWorks Editor window. The crucial element in this is that the location setting under Windows on the computer is set to Taiwan. When set to United States and many other locations, the problem does not arise. Instead, the English text pastes as English, and the Greek text pastes as Greek, and in Greek script. The Windows Location setting is an issue when a language is represented that uses a double-byte font.

With the current program design and functionality, this behavior cannot be changed, but there is a work-around one can use when this condition is encountered. Since the text will not paste correctly into the BibleWorks Editor directly, paste it instead into a word processor. Once it has been pasted there, select and copy it again, this time pasting it into BibleWorks Editor. The reason this works is because the word processor program is usually equipped to handle both RTF and HTML formats.

Last Update: ELM/May 13, 2010