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How Can I Back Up Notes and Custom Files Transfer Them From One Installation to Another?
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BibleWorks offers a number of custom features like saving your own notes, searches and versions or other user created files. Click here for the types of files one would typically wish to back up or transfer from one installation to another. If you are using the Mac Installer for BibleWorks 10, please refer to the instruction that article accessed when you click here in the previous sentence. If you are using BibleWorks on Windows and have BibleWorks 9 or 10, please see the instructions below.

The examples given below illustrates moving the notes folder from BibleWorks 9 to BibleWorks 10, but the process is applicable tor moving the folder from an installation of BibleWorks on one computer to another instalaltion.

In its default settings the BibleWorks 10 program looks in the c:\program files (x86)\bibleworks 10\notes folder for the notes you have created (use c:\program files\bibleworks 10\notes if you have non 64 bit Windows). 

When BibleWorks is initially installed, unless you have added new notes since installing the program, the notes folder in the BibleWorks 10 folder will have no notes files created (though it may have folders that were created to be ready to receive notes).. You can transfer your notes from a different installation of BibleWorks by copying the notes folder containing your existing notes into the BibleWorks 10 folder on the new computer and choose the option to Replace the notes folder that is there.

Please be sure to note the following tips:

1. Copy the notes folder as a whole. That will bring all your notes en masse to be pasted into your new installation of BibleWorks 10.

2. Make sure that when you paste the notes folder in that you do not paste the notes folder inside the existing BibleWorks 10\notes folder, but you REPLACE the notes folder created with your new installation.

 Here is the process:

a. Right click on the notes folder in the BibleWorks folder where your notes reside and choose Copy.


b. If the two installations of BibleWorks are on separate computers, copy the notes to some form of removable media (or an online file sharing service like Dropbox), for example, connect a flash drive to your computer and paste the entire notes folder into the flash drive.

c. Connect the flashdrive to the target computer (or view the files in the file sharing service like Dropbox), find the notes folder on the flash drive, right click on it and choose Copy.

d. Copy the notes folder to the BibleWorks 10 folder on the target computer. Right click on the BibleWorks 10 folder and choose Paste.


e. Click the option to Replace the files in the destination.

You can also use this technique to transfer individual files in various folders to a new installation of BibleWorks. Click here for the types of files you may wish to transfer.

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