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How Do I Add Fonts Under Windows 7 and later Windows Versions?
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BibleWorks, like many other programs, makes use of Windows-based fonts. In Windows 7 and later versions, the process for installation of fonts differs from previous versions, in that it has been somewhat simplified (instructions for installing fonts under earlier versions of Windows are found here). It is important, however, to use versions of fonts that are compatible with this version of Windows. This is particularly the case with those fonts used to display Greek and Hebrew text. Fonts that ship with BibleWorks 8 and later versions, and the free Greek and Hebrew fonts available here on the BibleWorks website, are compatible with Windows Vista and later Windows versions. To install fonts to Windows 7 and later versions, take the following steps:

1. Store the new font files in a folder on the computer running Windows 7 or a later version.
2. Open the folder to view its contents.
3. Select the font or fonts to be installed.
(To install more than one font at a time, click one to select it, then hold the CTRL key and click on other fonts to be installed. Release the CTRL key when finished selecting.)
4. Right-click on the selected object(s).
5. Choose INSTALL from the pop-up menu. (See illustration below)


6. Open the Fonts folder from Control Panel to confirm that the fonts have been installed.
7. One should restart one's computer after installing new fonts.

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