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How Do I Change Windows Screen Resolution for Proper Video Operation?
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BibleWorks 7 and later versions include instructional videos.  To view those videos, though, it is necessary to have the screen resolution in Windows set to 1024 x 768 or higher. If the resolution is too low, then the videos will not display correctly, and some parts may even be out of view.

The computer's screen resolution indicates the number of pixels that display horizontally and vertically. If the numbers are low, such as a resolution of 800 x 600, then details on the screen will appear larger. On the other hand, for high resolutions, such as 1024 x 768, details will appear smaller, but the overall size of the image can be greater.

The screen resolution can be changed in the Display Properties dialog in Windows. This can be accessed from the Windows Control Panel, or simply by right-clicking on the Windows Desktop and choosing PROPERTIES from the pop-up menu. The steps for performing this will depend on the version of Windows in use.

Windows Vista and earlier versions
1. Access the Display Properties dialog box, as described above.
2. For Windows XP and earlier, click the tab labeled Settings.
3. Find the area labeled Resolution or Screen Resolution.
4. Move the slider to the right to increase the resolution.
5. Click APPLY.

Windows 7 and later versions
1. Right-click anywhere over the Windows desktop, but not over an icon.
2. Find and click Screen Resolution.
3. Find the drop-down list for Resolution and click it so as to view the resolution slider.
4. Move the slider upward to increase the resolution. (It will move in increments.)
5. When you have found a compatible setting, click somewhere outside the box, which will accept the change and close the list.
6. Click the OK button to close the window.
(In many cases, a box will appear with a count-down clock offering the option to return to the previous screen resolution if the new one does not work well.)
The successful choice of a new screen resolution will depend on the capabilities of the hardware. In some cases, higher screen resolutions will not even appear as options. If they do appear, they may not work correctly, and often the old resolution will be restored. In such cases, the issue will be due to the drivers for the video card, the monitor, or both. Consult the hardware documentation for more information.
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