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Unable to load the version file avd.dbu...
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Later BibleWorks 7 executables and all BibleWorks 8 have included support for the Van Dyke Arabic Bible. When this error occurs, it is a result of having downloaded the executable file and one or more of the Van Dyke Arabic Bible file sets. For these to work, as the error message states, right-to-left support must be installed and an Arabic keyboard must be activated.

If you are receiving this error message, and don't WANT the Arabic Bible, then the following measures can be taken to remove the Arabic Bible files. (Make sure that BibleWorks is NOT running when these steps are taken.)
1. Open Windows Explorer. (Start > All Programs > Accessories > Windows Explorer)
When Windows Explorer opens, the left-hand panel shows the folder tree. The right-hand window is the Contents Window.
2. In Windows Explorer folder tree, Local Disk (C) should already be expanded so the folders can be viewed. If not, click the plus sign to the left of the icon to expand the folder.
3. Scan down the list of folder to find Program Files and expand that folder when it is found.
4. Scan down the list of folders under Program Files to find BibleWorks 7 and expand that folder.
5. Under BibleWorks 7 there should be a folder named databases. Click it to highlight it and view its comments in the Contents Window.
6. When the contents of the databases folder display, find all files that begin with the name avd and/or avx. There should be six files for each. Delete all six or twelve files, as the case may be, making sure that no other files are selected as well when the delete command is executed.
7. When all of the specified files have been deleted, close Windows Explorer.
If, after taking the above steps, an error still occurs when opening BibleWorks, then follow the process to revert to a previous BibleWorks executable.
1. Open BibleWorks (if it is not still open already.)
2. Click FILE then choose CHECKPOINTS.
3. From the sub-menu, choose RESTORE/DELETE CHECKPOINTS.
4. When the dialog opens, choose a checkpoint for a previous BibleWorks executable, eg 018g.
5. Leave all three boxes checked in What to Restore.
When this process has been completed BibleWorks should open without error.

Last Update: ELM/March 28, 2007