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There is no such reference in (or, the following word or form cannot be found in) the current search version...
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These messages are usually encountered when trying to perform a search for one or more words, or a phrase, without entering a search code.  Alternatively, the message may be encountered in BibleWorks 5 or 6 when the Standard User Mode is in use. One has set the kind of search field, that which is located above the Command Line itself, to an ALL, ANY or a STRING search. In these searches, one is searching for one or more words, and sometimes in a specific sequence such as a phrase. If one desires to go to a specific verse or passage, the kind of search field should be set to Display this verse.

In BibleWorks 5 and 6, the Standard User Mode provided the ability to perform word and phrase searches without having to enter a leading code. This was possible due to the selection made in a listbox, positioned over the Command Line, that would determine how an entry made would be interpreted.

In BibleWorks 7, the Command Line works like it did in Power User Mode in the previous two versions. As such, a code is required to perform the word or phrase search. Thus, if an attempt is made to search without including the appropriate code, the message above will occur.

To obtain information on how to perform word or phrase searches, one should view the GETTING STARTED videos that accompany the program.
Additional information about Command Line syntax is available in the BibleWorks Online Help. (Note the second and third entries in the list of Frequently Used Links.)


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