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Why Isn't The Popup Copy Window Putting My Verse in Place?
Author: KB Admin Reference Number: AA-02850 Views: 8965 Created: 2012-08-05 19:00 Last Updated: 2015-07-09 15:53 0 Rating/ Voters
Under some conditions, when the Popup Copy Window has been used to place a verse in a word processing document, after hitting ENTER or clicking COPY in the Window the verse is not appearing in the context where it was expected.

One reason for this behavior is the different treatment of the Window's internal commands by Vista and Windows 7 compared to earlier operating systems. In these newer environments, the copy process requires some extra steps:
1. Place the insert point in the document where the verse is to be inserted.
2. Press the keystroke combination of CTRL+SHIFT+B to display the Pop-Up Copy Window.
3. Enter the verse reference or range in the field provided.
4. Indicate the Bible version(s) to be used in the field provided.
5. Click the button labeled COPY.
6. Click the Title Bar of the word processor in use to make it the active program.
7. Confirm again that the blinking insertion point is positioned where the text is to be inserted.
8. Perform the PASTE command using the desired method, either keystroke, icon, or menu command.

Last Update - ELM/May 8, 2012