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Why Does My System Hang Attempting to Access a Resource?
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Computers, and the programs that run on them, can sometimes be unpredictable.  When an attempt is made to perform a task, the program, or the computer, will hang, not allowing the user to continue without having to reboot.  This, though, sometimes may appear to be the problem when actually it is not.  Such is the case with a specific condition one can encounter when trying to access some large resources in BibleWorks.

The Resource Summary is a tab in the Analysis Window panel that displays links to resources where a word or verse in referenced in that resource.  By clicking on the link, a window is opened in which one can view the resource.  The links in the Resource Window dynamically update depending on the content in use in the Browse Window. 

In most cases, the resources will open immediately because the files containing them are relatively small.  In some cases, however, the files are very large, and take longer to load.  When this occurs, a small box will appear with the words Please Wait.  (See image below.)  This will be encountered, for example, when accessing some links in the Early Church Fathers.


At such times, some have thought the program to have hung.  This is not usually the case, though, but it is simply a matter of waiting for a time until the file has finished loading.  With computers, and the programs on them, running faster and faster, we grow accustomed to things happening in an instant.  Give the process a few moments to complete, and control of the system will be restored to normal.

Last Update - ELM/December 10, 2010