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What Are These Numbers in the Bible Text?
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BibleWorks includes the feature of displaying Strong's number information in the Analysis Window for the current word as the mouse hovers over it.  It is also possible to display Strong's numbers within the Browse Window text itself for versions that are prepared or 'tagged'. 

There are five English language versions that are tagged, and a number of foreign language versions as well.  When displayed, the text will look similar to that shown below.

Sometimes it is possible to turn on the display of the numbers when such was not intended. The display of these numbers can be turned on or off as preferred, and there are a number of methods in which this can be done, such as:  Keyboard shortcut, Menu bar option, Browse Window Options menu, Status Bar button.  The steps for each are as follows:


1. Make the Browse Window active by clicking anywhere within it with the mouse pointer, or by pressing the F6 key on the keyboard.
2. Hit the 'R' key to toggle display of the Strong's numbers on or off as desired.

(This method is often the cause of the sudden and unexpected appearance of the numbers.  While the Browse Window was active, the 'R' key was pressed.)


1. Click View on the menu bar.
2. From the drop-down View menu click on Show/Hide.
3. On the sub-menu that display's choose Strong's Number to turn on or off.
    (When turned on, there will be a checkmark in front of the selection, as seen below.)



1. Find the Browse Window Options button at the left end of the row of Browse Window Listboxes buttons.
2. Click once on it with the left mouse button.
3. From the menu that displays choose Toggle Strong's Numbers.

    (As with the Menu Bar option, display of the Strong's number is 'on' when the item is checked, and 'off' when it is not.)



1. Find the button on the Status Bar (bottom of the program window) labeled Strong's.
2. Double-click the button to toggle the display of the Strong's numbers 'on' or 'off'.

   (The Status Bar button label will be black when the display is turned 'on' and gray when it is turned 'off'.)


Last Update: ELM/Feb 15, 2012