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How Can I Quickly Enter Multiple Program or Module Activation Codes?
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For BibleWorks 8 and later, activation codes are required to activate the program itself, as well as add-on modules one has purchased, or modules that have carried forward from previous versions of BibleWorks.

For Windows installations, a recommended way is presented below for activation codes to be entered in a few steps that will not require manual entry of each character of each code.  The BibleWorks Setup program automatically detects when content has been placed on the Windows Clipboard, and it places that code in the listbox of elements to be installed.  The steps to take advantage of this feature are as follows:

1. Using a program like Windows Notepad, or the like, collect the codes for the items to be installed and make a list in which each code begins on a new line.
2. Make sure to have that list open before the BibleWorks Setup program is started.  It will run in the background until needed.
3. If you have BibleWorks media, such as a USB or DVDs, insert the first of your media into the computer.
4. Start the BibleWorks Setup program by double-clicking on setup.exe in the BibleWorks directory on the drive corresponding to your inserted media.   If you have previously installed by download, you will find Setup.exe in the main BibleWorks directory (usually C:Program Files/BibleWorks n, where n is the BibleWorks version number).
5. When the window is reached in which activation codes are entered, switch to the list of activation codes, but don't terminate the Setup program.
6. Using the mouse, drag select the entire list of codes from top to bottom so that all are highlighted.
7. Perform the keystroke combination of CTRL-C to copy the selected contents to the Windows Clipboard.
8. BibleWorks Setup will detect the action, and will automatically enter all selected codes into the listbox of items to be installed.
9. Press Next to continue the installation.
10. When the process is complete, restart Windows as prompted.
You can save the list in a file for later use if you wish to install BibleWorks at a later time.

For Mac installations, please refer to the instructions given here.

Last Updated: RG/April 21, 2015