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Can I Use A Custom Search Range in the KWIC Module?
Author: KB Admin Reference Number: AA-02888 Views: 7133 Created: 2012-08-05 19:00 Last Updated: 2012-06-08 04:11 0 Rating/ Voters
The Key Word in Context (KWIC) Module provides the capability of creating a concordance of all occurrences of a specified word accompanied by a collocation table of all the words that appear in the immediate context of the search word.  When the KWIC module window opens, the default range shown is the entire database of the specified search version.


It is, indeed, possible to enter a custom search range, though it will be necessary to enter the range manually.  The Verse Range field will not use the names of custom search ranges that can be used on the Command Line.

There is a 'quick' (no pun intended) way to enter a custom search range, however, accomplished with the following steps.
1. Click Search on the menu bar.
2. Click Set Search Limits from the drop-down Search menu.
3. In the Search Limits panel of the BW Options Window, select Limit the search using a custom search range to make it active.
4. Highlight the desired search range in the list.
5. Using the mouse, drag select the entire contents of the Range field.
6. Perform a CTRL-C keystroke to copy the content to the Windows Clipboard.
7. Open the Create KWIC/Collocation Table window.
8. If the Version field does not already reflect the version to be searched, change that first.
   (If the range is entered, but the version is changed, the range will be reset to the show the entire database again.)
9. Using the mouse, select the entire contents of the Verse Range field, then perform the Delete action to clear the field.
10. With the cursor still blinking in the Verse Range field, perform a CTRL-V action to paste the Windows Clipboard content.
11. Enter the word to be searched, and make any desired changes to the Left, Right and Codes fields.
12. Click the Build button to perform the search.
Last Edited: ELM/May 11, 2012