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Can I Remove Superscript Version Note Indicators from the Text?
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In BibleWorks, a number of versions include notes that can be viewed in the Analysis Window.  Sometimes the note will be a cross-reference, and sometimes it will be an alternate translation for a specific word.  The notes are inicated in the text by superscripted letters or numbers.  Sometimes we do not want those indicators to show in the text, as they can be distracting.  The display of these indicators can be turned ON or OFF as preferred.  There are a number of ways of doing so.

Using the BibleWorks Menu
1. Click View on the menu.
2. Click Show/Hide on the drop-down menu.
3. Click Version Notes on the sub-menu.
(Note: When an item on this menu has a checkmark, it is On.)


Using the Browse Window Options Menu
1. Find the Browse Window Options button on the Browse Window button bar.  (Circled in red in illustration.)

2. Find and click the selection Toggle Version Notes.  (Highlighted in yellow in illustration.)
(Note: When an item on this menu has a checkmark, it is On.)

Using The Keyboard Shortcut
1. Click anywhere within the Browse Window to make it the active window.
2. Hit the 'N' key to turn the display of Version Notes on or off.

Using the Status Bar Button
1. Find the button on the Status Bar (bottom of program window) that is labeled Tr Notes
2. Double-click the icon
(Note: When the display is On, the label is in black, but when Off, the label is in gray.)


Last Updated: ELM/May 15, 2012